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Commercial Label Printer with 36mm, Extra Wide Labels

Brother PT-9500PC
Discontinued Model
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NEW MODEL INTRODUCTION - For faster print speeds, step up to the new PT-9700PC and print up to 4x faster than the PT-9500PC (HG tape required) - For network connectivity, step up to the new PT-9800PCN

It's now easier than ever to create professional looking, laminated labels right from your desktop. Create and print, it's as easy as 1-2-3. The PT-9500PC also has an auto-cutter and can print "crack and peel" labels for easy peeling. Pre-design your labels with your company logo or other graphics...even import and print data from a database – labeling has never been easier.

The PT-9500PC connects to your PC or MAC® and uses easy-swap tape cassettes allowing you to print laminated labels with standard or "extra strength" adhesive (twice the adhesive strength) in a variety of fonts and styles. With built-in bar code templates and symbols, the PT-9500PC delivers the performance and reliability you want in a label printer.

Main Features
  • Prints durable laminated labels, TZ tapes up to 36mm wide and die-cut AV labels
  • Save and recall frequently used label designs
  • Prints from industry standard bar code symbologies
  • Print up to 5,000 copies of a single label automatically
  • Prints True-Type fonts
  • Prints labels from a database (.mbd, .csv, and .xls formats)
  • Pre-designed templates makes it quick and easy to create professional looking labels
  • Advanced numbering features including auto-incrementing and repeat printing
Conditions for the PT-9500PC
Images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual output may vary.
Tape Length‡
Unless otherwise noted.
Tape Sizes‡
Tape widths listed in inches are approximate. Actual tape widths are listed in millimeters (mm).
Tape Types‡
‡ Claims that adhesive is "acid-free", "photo safe" and/or "safe for use" are based upon (i) Satisfactory test results obtained from Photographic Activity Tests per ISO 14523 and non-acidic pH Tests per TAPPI 509; (ii) Certifications from material manufacturers; and (iii) Atomic scans of adhesive following removal of backing paper. Data from independent tests performed at the Image Permanence Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology.
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