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Brother MFC-7300C
Discontinued Model
System Requirements
  MFC-7300C Supported PC Software Functions
Computer Platform & Operating System Software Functions PC Interface
Windows® 95 Printing, Scanning Parallel only
98, 98SE Printing, Scanning Parallel/USB
Me Printing, Scanning Parallel/USB
NT®Workstation 4.0 Printing, Scanning Parallel only
2000 Professional Printing, Scanning Parallel/USB
XP Printing1, Scanning1,3 Parallel/USB
Mac® OS 8.5 - 8.51 Printing only USB5 only
OS 8.6 - 9.2 Printing, Scanning2 USB5 only
OS X v. 10.1/10.2.1 or greater Printing only1, Scanning2,4 USB5 only
1Driver can be downloaded from 2Dedicated "Scan to" key does not function with Apple® Operating Systems. 3PaperPort and TextBridge OCR are not supported. Note: Please use Windows® XP and Office XP built-in functions. (Windows® XP restricts scanning resolution to a maximum of 600x600 dpi.) 4Scanning available for Mac® OS 10.2.1 or greater. 5Third party USB ports are not supported.
  MFC-7300C Minimum System Requirements
Computer Platform & Operating System Processor Speed Minimum RAM Recommended RAM Available Hard Disk Space
Windows® 95 Pentium 75MHz 32MB 32MB 50MB
98, 98SE Pentium 150MHz 32MB 32MB 50MB
Me Pentium 75MHz 32MB 64MB 50MB
NT®Workstation 4.0 Pentium 133MHz 32MB 64MB 50MB
2000 Professional Pentium 75MHz 64MB 128MB 50MB
XP Pentium 133MHz 64MB 128MB 50MB
Mac® OS 8.5 - 8.51 All base models meet minimum requirements 50MB
OS 8.6 - 9.2 50MB
OS X v. 10.1/10.2.1 or greater 50MB
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