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Brother P-touch® "Start Here" Commercial

When you're beginning a new job, starting a family, or renovating a home, Brother P-Touch can help you focus on the task at hand.

Brother P-touch® Firehouse Commercial

If they’re tough enough for us, they’re tough enough for you!

P-touch® Extreme Test Zone

See how well P-touch® TZe laminated labels stand up when put to the test. You can label virtually anything, anywhere, anytime. Find out more.

Brother P-touch® Laminated Tapes

We offer a wide variety of tape colors, widths and styles. Your applications and your choices of P-touch model should guide your ultimate tape selection.

How to easily remove backing on TZe tapes

Simple instructions on how to remove the backing on our laminated TZ and TZe tapes.

How to easily remove backing on M Tapes

Simple instructions on how to remove the backing on our non-laminated M Tapes.

Organized Chaos

Bob can't find his stapler and the Smith file goes missing. Watch as the Office Brothers organize all of the chaos and find other interesting ways to use their label maker.

Brother P-touch® Resource Center

The Brother P-touch Resource Center features all the information you need to make the most out of your label printer. See how easy it is to use Brother labelers to help stay organized, save time, look professional, save money, and be more efficient. View videos, read FAQs, access white papers, and more.